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Santa Ana

Discover Vital Support Following an Injury with Santa Ana Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Attorneys!

In the aftermath of an injury, our devoted team of Santa Ana workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys is here to defend your rights and secure the entitlements you deserve. With a specialized focus on workers' compensation cases, we possess a profound understanding of California's intricate laws.

From steering you through the claims process to adeptly managing denials, our trusted Santa Ana attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you obtain fair compensation and essential medical care. Utilizing our extensive expertise and experience, we vigorously advocate for your rights, guaranteeing fair treatment from insurance companies.

At Kerry P. O'Brien Law Firm, we offer complimentary consultations for Santa Ana workers' compensation cases. Our primary goal is to provide expert legal representation skilled at navigating the complexities of the workers' compensation system, ensuring you receive the rightful benefits owed to you.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a program established to offer monetary assistance to employees injured during their work duties.

Filing Your Claim
on Time

Employers must file a claim within 24 hours of the injury. Failure to do so may suggest a reluctance to provide compensation for the incident.

Securing Your Rights

Our attorneys are dedicated to skillfully representing your workplace injury case with a deep commitment and a sense of pride.

Santa Ana Workers' Compensation Attorney


At Kerry P. O'Brien Law Firm in Santa Ana, we handle a wide spectrum of cases, from fatalities to minor injuries like burns, soft tissue strains, and pressures. Our commitment is unwavering, fiercely representing you and your family, regardless of the injury's severity. With a strategic approach, fresh perspectives, and effective solutions, our attorneys promptly address your needs, providing cost-effective and comprehensive service to all our workers' compensation clients.


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